Wednesday , February 20 2019

Emirate leaders, take it easy on us

WE say this openly to the leaders of the Emirates (United Arab Emirates): Take it easy on us O HH Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid and HH Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed. Do not exhaust us with surprises that we cannot match.

Just yesterday, you came up with the Ministry of Happiness. Today, you have come up with the Ministry of Artificial Intelligence, Ministry of State for Tolerance and Ministry of State for Advanced Sciences… where are you heading with these surprises?

We say it confidently: The United Arab Emirates is no longer the country of the present and modernity alone. Instead, it is the country of the future in every sense of the word.

In the recent era, this country was a sight of jest in the Arabian Peninsula. Its development and growth was an almost impossible scene. Since its foundation as a union four decades ago, its leaders took upon themselves to render its people to be in this era, not captives of the past with worn out traditions.

The objective of all these steps was to prevent its people from falling into the trap of stagnation. For that, they carefully set up development plans and the country embarked on its course through carefully calculated steps; breaking the chains of going round and round in an empty circle with which some countries in the region have entangled themselves.

When leaders of any country put the future as their main goal, they usually end up with miracles in order to reach their objectives at the least cost possible and with optimum benefit. Here is where the recent UAE ministerial amendments come into play to complete the course which started years ago. It depends on millennial-point plans, not the five-point plans.

This is in line with what Vice-President of the UAE, the leader of Dubai HH Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid said: “The main topics of the new period are ‘skills of the future’, science of the future and technology of the future, because we are striving for millennial establishment through which we will secure the future of our generations.”

In the Emirates, they are not living in the cover of the past. Instead, their leaders are taking up ideas that will develop their country. Because of that, it is worth saying: Blessed are these great minds which work in the course of anchoring soft power that corresponds with the needs of humans in the future.

This future is progressing through a reassured and creative path which is not perturbed by limited scope or flimsy considerations. Instead, all doors are open for it to be in the level of national aspiration.

The leaders of the Emirates say that they aspire to make their country a model worth mimicking in the future for Arab countries.

However, may HH Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid and HH Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed allow us to say: The Arab countries, including some Gulf countries, are struggling to cope with the present; whereas you, together with the entire leadership of the Emirates, have gone beyond time for your country to create the future and become the pioneer of renaissance.

Therefore, we urge you to wait for us. In fact, be easy on us and take us with you by disseminating your experiences to involve all of us, whether through training or transfer of experience.

The leaders of the Emirates know how to utilize their wealth in serving the community. It is imperative for the remaining countries to learn the lesson if they are keen on progressing, or else, stagnation will lead to paralysis.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times




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