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Electric cars making slow inroads in Kuwait market

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KUWAIT CITY, July 28: The electrical cars are entering the Kuwaiti market gradually, opening a new phase for customers, and with it the discussions for the car charging stations needed by these vehicles have begun for the success of their experimental use on the roads, reports Al-Rai daily.

The Minister of Commerce had formed a technical committee specialized in electrical vehicles in which officials from 14 government agencies and the private sector had participated to establish the necessary conditions and the provision of electric charging stations in all areas.

This is in line with the vision of Kuwait 2030 which aims at increasing reliance on alternative energy and reducing dependence on oil with the aim of reducing pollution and raising the competitiveness of the state in the environmental field.

In view of the diversity of opinions on the success of electric cars spreading in the local market, the views of some officials differed on the importance of their spread and the need of the local market for them. More meetings will be held in order to outline the establishment and construction of the stations that meet the needs of the customers and move Kuwait to a new level in the automotive sector.

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