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Wednesday , November 13 2019

Egyptian thief caught sleeping inside a fitting room with stolen money

KUWAIT CITY, March 11: An Egyptian expatriate was arrested for stealing a large sum of money from a safe in a commercial market. According to security sources, the thief was found sleeping inside a fitting room with the money stolen from the safe. He was discovered by Captain Alaj Al-Alaj, who was honored by the Minister of Interior few days ago for arresting the gang members who kidnapped Kuwaiti Lawyer Saud Al-Hilfi.

They explained that the workers of Farwaniya Market were surprised when they found several items spread throughout the market. They checked the safe to discover a large sum of money was stolen from it. When Ministry of Interior was informed about the theft, securitymen led by Captain Alaj Al-Alaj rushed to the location and checked the entire market to find the suspect sleeping inside a fitting room with a bag full of money. He was arrested, and when questioned, he revealed that he slept inside the market after stealing the money. He was referred to the concerned authorities for further investigations

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