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‘Egyptian Muezzin’, ‘Lebanese Imam’ fight over personal issue – ‘They beat me, my sons’

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 17: An Egyptian muezzin and a Lebanese Imam, who are neighbors, were arrested for fighting with each other over some personal disputes. In a press release issued by Ministry of Interior, the General Department for Public Relations and Security Media stated that a quarrel broke between the muezzin and the imam who are both staying in a building that belongs to Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.

The department explained that the two parties accused each other. The imam claimed that the muezzin broke into his house along with some people who were carrying metal objects. They then beat him and his sons, resulting in injuries.

Meanwhile, the muezzin affirmed that the quarrel did occur but he was alone and not accompanied by anyone else, adding that an argument between them had developed into a fight. The department said the security authorities filed Lawsuit No. 42/2017 “Criminal case Sabah Al- Salem”, indicating that both sides have been referred to the forensics department for the issuance of a report on the injuries they sustained.

The General Department of Public Relations and Media Security disclosed that some individuals who are suspected to be involved in the fight have been arrested as well, affirming that Ministry of Interior has taken relevant legal actions as a prelude to referring the involved parties to Public Prosecution. It highlighted the keenness of the authorities to apply the law on all without exception.

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