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Monday , January 30 2023

Efforts underway to issue ‘specific’ pardon to those who fled to Turkey

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 13: While the parliamentary coordination committee agreed with the State Minister for National Assembly Affairs Mubarak Al-Harees on the priorities for the next parliamentary session, which is voting on the laws of total pardon, amendment of electronic crimes, and elections, informed sources revealed that there are efforts to obtain special pardon for those who fled to Turkey.

They explained that a high-ranking official is intending to launch an initiative aimed at persuading those convicted in the cases of storming the parliament and freedom of opinion, which include former MPs and bloggers, to accept a “special pardon” based on a compromise formula that allows them to return to Kuwait.

This official will inform those concerned with the special pardon that the chances of adopting comprehensive pardon law are almost non-existent, in light of the divergence of parliamentary opinions concerning those included in it, as well as the government’s reservation that threatens to return any comprehensive pardon law approved by the Parliament.

There is a conviction that approval of this initiative for two former MPs among the convicts would, by extension, mean the approval for the rest, and their return will happen without going through the corridors of legislative and legal procedures.

The sources revealed that a number of Shiite MPs asked the government to take a unified stance concerning the file of national reconciliation and amnesty, and insisted that everyone should be under this umbrella, either through approval or rejection.

They said, “However, to exclude some will not be acceptable, and such a thing is in contradiction with the Constitution.”

By Raed Youssef Al-Seyassah Staff