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‘Efforts on to do away with the menace of visa trading’ – Automated connection to solve many issues

State Minister for Economic Affairs Maryam Al-Aqeel

KUWAIT CITY, April 1: Minister of State for Economic Affairs Maryam Al-Aqeel has affirmed efforts to eradicate the phenomenon of visa traders is ongoing and spoke of the automated link to recruit workers from abroad which, she said, will be the most important step and will be followed by other steps and decisions to complement what is currently underway in this direction, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Minister Al-Aqeel told the daily decisions are being studied at the moment to fight the menace of visa trading with more firmness, which are being worked out by the Board of Directors of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM). She pointed out that a request has been submitted to study the negative and positive aspects of these decisions.

Al-Aqeel pointed out that the automated connection that is currently being processed will solve many issues related to the visa trading explaining that the automated connection will allow the worker to obtain a contract in the field of specialization.

The employment required in accordance with a contract between the parties will protect the rights of both the employer and the worker which will mean no worker will be brought in the country by the so-called phantom companies.

She added that the decisions of the PAM will also contribute to combating residence traders the most important of which will be not to allow the transfer between different sectors of work, which means that the worker who enters a particular sector will not change his residence to a different sector.

As for the file of irregularities in small and medium enterprises (SMEs), she pointed out that the PAM has provided them more facilities than large companies in assessing the need and work permits for Kuwaiti youth to support their projects, but some have committed certain irregularities in the recruitment of labor.

Al-Aqeel said that dealing with these violations will not be with the prevention of facilities so as not to harm the young Kuwaitis, but the solution is to impose more control and inspection and the aggravation of the penalty on the violators through inspection.

The violators will be given legal grounds to lift the violation or close the file or other legal steps will be taken in this direction. She pointed out that there are two committees working in the file of violations of small projects to ensure the accuracy of the procedures, the first to monitor projects and violations, and the second to lift the ban in case of the aspects of violations are corrected.

The minister referred to the automated linking of the Indian and Egyptian workers, pointing out that in India’s case, it is related to solving the problems of hiring labor between the two countries and as for the Egyptian labor, Al-Aqeel pointed out that it is continuing to implement the mechanism and enforce steps have been taken in this direction based on several agreements that have been signed between the two countries.

Meanwhile, legal and judicial sources stressed that the sponsorship system is harmful to Kuwait and the time has come to abolish it, pointing out that it is necessary to establish a mechanism where the state is the guarantor of all expatriate workers and pointed to the need to protect expatriates from exploitation.

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