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Tuesday , December 7 2021

Dubai to Kuwait ticket prices soar up to KD 750 per person

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 8: To obtain an air ticket from Dubai to Kuwait has become a distant dream during the current crisis for those who wish to travel to Dubai for a short weekend trip. Currently expats from 34 listed countries who are banned to enter Kuwait directly have exhausted direct tickets from Dubai to Kuwait.

Generally ticket prices between Kuwait and Dubai were between 60 KD to 120 KD per person depending on the airlines. Since there are only 3 flights available per day the price for one way ticket has been between 610 KD to 750 KD per person, reports Al Anba. The prices are shot up as there has been an increase in demand and just three flights per day, and there is no possibility to increase these flights.

The prices of return trips from Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Turkey ranged between 160 KD to 260 KD per person and transit time ranged between 6 hrs to 10 hrs with two destinations before reaching Kuwait.

The travel offices stated all flights from Dubai to Kuwait are fully booked as there has been a high turnout of expats returning to Kuwait after spending 14 days quarantine period in Dubai, whereas the tickets to Dubai from Kuwait are easily available.  Dubai topped the most popular destination for expatriates who wish to return from banned countries directly to Kuwait.

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