Tuesday , September 25 2018

Drunk Kuwaiti youth dances on police car before arrest

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 12: A drunken young Kuwaiti man, in his 20s, jumped on top of a police patrol vehicle and danced to a song he was singing after he physically attacked a compatriot who was riding a motorbike along the Arabian Gulf Road. Passersby had recorded his actions before securitymen overpowered him and took him to Da’iya Police Station where three cases were registered against him.

Meanwhile, Director General of Public Relations and Security Media Brigadier Adel Al-Hashash affirmed that a video clip of the culprit dancing on top of the police car has been posted on YouTube, assuring that the man has been referred for prosecution. He explained that the police saw the culprit fighting with a biker on the Arabian Gulf Road early Saturday morning, so they moved in to resolve the issue.

They realized that the man was drunk when they moved closer. The police officers had hardly alighted from the car when he jumped on it and began dancing. The officers later overpowered him and detained him at the police station.

Drugs with Egyptian: Shuwaikh Port customs agents arrested an Egyptian working inside the port for the possession of heroin, some rolls of hashish and drug paraphernalia. The agents suspected the man when they noticed his abnormal condition so they inspected him and this led to the discovery of the contraband. He was referred to the concerned security department for legal action. Meanwhile, customs officers at Kuwait International Airport arrested an Asian for the possession of one kilogram of narcotics hidden in his luggage.

Suicide attempted: The administration of a high school in Taima called the authorities when a female student cut her hands. According to the Operations Room of the Interior Ministry, the student tried to commit suicide so paramedics and police officers were dispatched to the location. When they arrived at the scene, the father of the student was there and he refused to take his daughter to the hospital through the ambulance as he insisted on using his own car.

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