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Driving license status for a Teacher to Housewife and back as Teacher

My wife started her career in Kuwait as a teacher in private school, while she was working in school she got the driving license. After working for few years due to some health issues, she left the job and became a housewife… after transferring her residence to a dependent one. I have already renewed her license twice. Now she is getting an offer from a private training institute to teach students in the institute. My query is if she transfers her residence to a private training institute will it affect the validity of the license.

Name withheld
Answer: You should not worry about anything because the orders for cancellation of the driving licenses because of change in designation applies only to those expatriates who obtained the licenses with designations like driver, student, mandoub (company representative) and housewife. As such you are not affected by the change in your designation and your license will not be cancelled.

More importantly, the Ministry of Interior recently announced that the decision on the change of dedesignation will only be applied to those made the change after decision was announced last year not to those who made the change before the decision was announced. So, in your wife’s case she can change her status as many times as she wants, it will not matter and she will retain her license

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