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Thursday , November 15 2018

Driving license for housewife

I have the designation “Engineer” with KD 600+ base salary and holding a driving license.

Is it possible to apply for a driving license for my wife?

She is under my sponsorship, she already stayed for two years in Kuwait and holds a university degree. We will be also having a baby soon. I was informed by different mandoubs that Traffic Department stopped issuing driving licenses to housewives except if their husbands have a “manager” designation. Thank you in advance for your valuable help.


Name withheld

Answer: We are not aware of the halt in issuing of driving licenses to housewives except if their husbands have ‘manager’ designation.

What we know is that a housewife whose husband already has a driving licence can also apply for one but must show compelling reasons why she should be granted a driving licence.

One such compelling reason must be that woman must have children going to school in Kuwait.

On this score, we are afraid that if you apply for a driving licence for your wife who is only now expecting a baby, the application might not receive a favorable reply.

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