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Driving license for an Mechanical Engineer

I am working in Kuwait as an Assistant Mechanical Engineer since 2012. The salary on work permit is KD 594 and designation Assistant Mechanical Engineer. I would like to know if I am eligible for driving licence in Kuwait or not.

Name withheld

Answer: To qualify to get a driving licence you have to meet the following conditions:

1. University graduate

2. KD 600 monthly salary

3. At least 2 years stay in Kuwait

However, if you belong to some profession you are given exemption if you do not meet some or all of these conditions.

What we are sure of is that ‘engineer’ is one of the designations that can seek exemption from meeting these conditions. We cannot say the same applies to ‘assistant engineer’.

So, all that we can say is that test the waters by putting in an application for driving licence and who knows you may be lucky to have your application go through by being offered an exemption.


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