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Driving license for designation of Manager

I really appreciate having your advice on driving license rules in Kuwait. I have been offered a manager’s position with a salary of KD 1,900 and have a university degree. I am supposed to come to Kuwait soon but the company isn’t clear on the issue and says the following:

“As the Degree is a technical university degree and not a Masters, the Ministry will not be able to grant you a managerial title. However, your University Educational Level will be reflected on your work permit. I have spoken to the GRD Team and it will not affect your banking or being able to apply for a license. They cannot guarantee the license but with most cases its assessed on a case to case basis should you not have to fulfil a list of requirements to apply.”

Please could you kindly inform me whether I will face any challenge to get a driving license?

Name withheld

Answer: Yes, you will face a challenge in getting a driving license if you don’t get a designation — on the work permit — which allows you to get an exemption from the General Traffic Department.

If you don’t get an exemption, you will have to fulfil all the following three conditions to apply for the license:

1. Have a university degree

2. Earn at least KD 600 a month

3. Must have been a resident of Kuwait for at least two years at the time of application

So, it is clear that you will not be able to meet the third condition — unless you get an exemption — as you will just be arriving in Kuwait … and to get the exemption you need to have one of those many designations which are given the exemption. So, it is better you talk to your company about the issue.

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