Tuesday , September 18 2018

Driving license cancelled – I want to apply for a driving license again

I got my driving license in 2013 and at that time my visa was under Article 20 and in June 2014 I cancelled my visa and went back to my home country. I returned to Kuwait on an Article 18 visa (work permit) in November 2014 as a technician.

The Traffic Department advised me that my license had been cancelled along with my visa and that I would have to wait two years for apply for a new license with designation driver. After 1 year, in 2015 I changed my designation to driver as two years had been completed. I want to apply for a driving license again as my designation is driver and I am on Article 18. Can I do so?

Name withheld

Answer: Yes, you can apply for the driving license. But you will have to undergo the driving test again. You shouldn’t have too many problems getting the license …if you pass the test.

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