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Saturday , February 22 2020

Driving license cancelled due to change is designation

I took my driving licence on August 2019 with my designation as “Mandoub Mubaiyath” (sales representative) with KD 650 as salary in work permit. Now I have changed my iqama to new company with designation to “Muraqab Amaal” (foreman) with salary as KD 650. I completed 3 years in Kuwait. I have degree and master’s degree certificates attested. Will my driving licence get cancelled due to designation change?

Name withheld

Answer: Under the traffic law, a change in designation involving a driver, student, house-wife or company representative (mandoub) will lead to the cancellation of one’s driving licence.

One other case in which a driving license can be cancelled is when one gets an exemption from meeting the conditions precedent by virtue of one’s profession and later change to a designation that doesn’t qualify for such exemptions.

With the above explanation, it is our contention that you meet all the requirements to possess a driving licence in addition to the fact that your designation is not one of the above listed ones that call for licence cancellation with a change of designation.

We are therefore of the opinions that your driving licence will not be cancelled with a change in your designation. However, in the unlikely event your license is cancelled, we are of the firm belief that you can apply again for a new licence to be issued to you because you meet all the requirement to possess a driving licence.

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