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Driving licence linked to residence

I came to Kuwait in May 2007, and in 2009 I went back to India and came back within a week with another company as engineer with salary KD 600 plus. I got driving licence in May 2010 valid till 2020. I resigned in February 2011 from the second company and came back in April 2011 again as engineer and continuing in the third company. Today I was checking MoI website through their Android application and found my licence expiry date is mentioned as 29/06/2011. To be frank I was driving without knowing that my licence was cancelled when the residency is cancelled. If I have known this issue I could have easily got it renewed when I joined the third company. Please guide me whether the expired licence can be renewed or I need to apply for new licence.

Name withheld

Answer: When you cancelled your residence in 2011, your driving licence was automatically cancelled as well. You should therefore count yourself lucky that you have been driving all this while with an expired driving licence without being arrested for violating the Traffic Law. Under this scenario you have to apply all over again for a new driving licence

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