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Monday , September 26 2022

Drifting and the phoenix

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Drifting means the loss of the ability to control a situation like a boat being swept away by waves and winds, and those aboard are unable to control its direction.

We have been living for half a century or more in a state close to drifting or this is what an observer of the general political situation feels.

We have also been economically living for more than half a century in a state of hand to mouth, meaning we extract oil and spend its proceeds on our needs, and more properly on our luxuries without thinking of finding an alternative to our only resource or at least rationalizing our expenditures, as if oil will last forever, and the need for it will never end.

Our financial behavior when the price of a barrel of oil was well above one hundred dollars is the same with the price of a barrel half that price.

Although the rational government has developed many five-year and ten-year plans, often economic, during the past half century, none of them were implemented in a correct manner and what was implemented was not reviewed and no one was held accountable and none of the plans were reconsidered and this is a case of drifting in which the state lives.

We have never had a plan or vision for the future of the most important sector, which is education. For example, 70 years ago we had an industrial institute, and since that day the state spent billions on it, and today we do not have a single Kuwaiti carpenter or mechanic, and we continue to spend billions more on it and on religious education, and we already know that it is waste of money, or water poured on an empty vessel.

As for the economic situation, solutions exist, known, and are applicable. Moreover, political and administrative solutions are many and available, but it seems that no one knows the reason behind this insistence for keeping us in a state of drifting.

Despite this bitter or sad situation, the closest to the hopeless, there is still a ray of hope that the phoenix will rise one day and transform sadness into joy, and put an end to this apparent indolence and hesitation in taking a decision. This hollow transgression on all that we love and respect. Is anyone answering?

email: a.alsarraf@alqabas.com.kw

By Ahmad alsarraf

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