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Drastic decline seen in extremism, terrorism; ministries win accolades

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 24: The rehabilitation of extremist prisoners is an international demand which Kuwait abides by and it has become one of the advanced countries in terms of combating terrorism according to the concerned international institutions, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Perhaps, the efforts exerted by the ministries of Interior, Foreign Affairs and Awqaf contributed to the decline of terrorism in the country whether on social networking websites or the number of Kuwaitis joining terrorist organizations .

These efforts reduced the number of complaints on extremism among children filed by families this year by 90 percent according to a knowledgeable source from the Interior Ministry, in addition to lack of sympathy with terrorist organizations through the Internet compared to the situation three years ago.

The programs and mechanisms adopted by the concerned authorities contributed to the protection of youths, who constitute 70 percent of the society, from extremist thought; as well as the rehabilitation of extremist prisoners and those who have gone astray through more than 300 training courses and workshops . Among those who underwent the rehabilitation program were 23 members of the Peninsula Lions network.
However, observers pointed out that the rehabilitation of terrorists does not mean they are guilty but they must be rehabilitated after serving their jail term. Sources said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is keen on highlighting the role of Kuwait in combating the terrorism and support the rehabilitation of extremists after the application of judicial procedures against them. In the security field, sources disclosed that the Advisory Committee in the Ministry of Interior has achieved a big leap in the rehabilitation of extremists.

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