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Wednesday , December 1 2021

Dragonfly & National Assembly

The dragonfly inspired the Western scientists to build helicopter. The dragonfly is overlooked by us as a sign of goodwill for the tired sailors when they returned from trips and pearling in the past, because seeing dragonflies was a sign of them approaching land after a long arduous life at sea.

We put great hopes in the results of the National Assembly elections. We considered the results as dragonfly bringing good news, but it soon became clear that this dragonfly wants to devour everything it comes across, perhaps more than it has energy for it, without hesitation or mercy.

 Consequently, the life of the new Assembly will not be long, if some of its members insist on the phenomenon of muscle flexing. If it so happens we will return to the cycle of dissolutions and new elections.

It is said the book or speech is known from its title. All of us are fully aware of the tremendous difficulties we are facing as a result of the sharp decline in oil prices, the frightening and devastating consequences of the Corona pandemic, the regional dangers surrounding us, the large deficit in the State budget, the necessity to borrow, and the near collapse of the education system.

 “All of us are fully aware of dozens of other serious and important problems such as demographics, health status and the lack of jobs for tens of thousands of graduates; however the newcomers in the Parliament saw the general amnesty law and the return of those who fled to Turkey return to the country as of prime importance.

 “They also saw the return of the Minister of Interior will mean a major crisis between the Cabinet and the National Assembly and I do not know what crime the minister has committed to be opposed by a big number of these deputies. Is there any reason behind this strange demand?

 “Although I agree with many on the necessity of deciding or agreeing on who would assume the Speakership of the Parliament due to its importance, I was hoping the current MP-elect, brother MP Bader Al-Hamidi would not be quick to bind himself to populist promises, and to bow to all the demands of the deputies who promised to stand with him and vote for him in a battle to preside over the Assembly. He will soon find out that it is difficult, even impossible to fulfill their promises.

 “Working for the success of a particular candidate does not mean challenging the biography of his competitor, for in the end everyone will be present in the Assembly for the next four years, or so it is assumed, and it is stupid to create public enmities between members and a conflict that we will all pay for due to vain quarrels and lack of production, which will inevitably paralyze the government as a result of the absence of cooperation.”

The first semi-positive impression that we all felt, after the election results emerged due to the fall of some symbols of corruption and sectarianism, but this impression soon vanished with the discovery of political and religious extremism which are deep-rooted in the minds of some new MPs, which they did not even try to hide.

I hope the new Assembly will be able, with the possibility of a negative change in its presidency, to efficiently address the many problems surrounding the nation away from the quarrels and I hope my pessimism holds no water.

e-mail: a.alsarraf@alqabas.com.kw

By Ahmad alsarraf

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