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Monday , September 26 2022

Don’t blame Al-Manfouhi, read between the lines!

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Forty years ago, the heap of violations, including marine, land, municipal, environment and firefighting was becoming bigger and bigger not due to the neglect by the concerned officials manning these facilities, not because they did not bear part of the responsibility but rather due to many other factors, the most important of which are:

– The lack of laws and legislation to deal with these violations, or just because the laws were lenient, for example, the regulations prohibited stopping the construction or demolishing building violations; rather, the owner of the house continued to construct unlicensed floors and the Municipality resort to the judiciary.

n The lack of direct communication by officials of these institutions with the head in the government to obtain his consent to sign the major violations.

n Repeated intervention of higher government authorities, requesting the cancellation of violations, often verbally. Therefore, senior government officials chose to turn a blind eye, except in cases where they felt the weakness of the violator.

This is the truth, therefore, the late Lieutenant-General Muhammad Al-Badr succeeded in demolishing  encroachments on government land that no other official was willing to do because that was the condition he set, and that he would work in an unconventional way.

The evidence is that almost everything he did returned to its previous state after his death, as we wrote about it in more than one article because those who came after him did not have his strength and courage.

We must admit that this nation like other Arab and Islamic countries has chosen chaos as a way of life, and it is difficult for most of them to reform their situation because of the oldness of these countries and their deep-rooted violations.

As for us, the size of our state is small, and the mountain of violations can be removed. All we need is firmness in implementation and its continuity, and this cannot be done without the full support of the government.

The municipality and the fire department suddenly discovered that there are thousands of buildings and complexes, the car parks underneath which have been transformed into warehouses where flammable and hazardous materials are stored, in addition to using basements for housing, selling and other violating activities. Government teams in one day cited dozens of violations in part of one residential area, and this means that there are at least ten thousand similar violations.

The main reason of these grave violations is due to the terrible shortage of storage space that has been going on for years and the reluctance of all previous governments, without exception, to find a solution to the problem, which prompted thousands of merchants to resort to basements of buildings for storage purposes, and bribe played a major role in silencing the regulatory authorities.

How do these violators differ from the thousands of other car owners, who park them on the sidewalks in the middle of the road and everywhere and even close to the so-called model housing areas, due to the severe shortage of car parking as a result of the official government approval to converting hundreds of homes for one family into apartments for 40 or 50 people?

This is all a result of the leniency in the application of the law, which put a frightening pressure on the services of the region, and no party can solve the problem of parking lots.

I do not think that there is an immediate solution to the problem of lack of storage space, and the situation is constantly worsening.

The issue is more complicated than some think. I will not be surprised if someone intervenes and stops the campaign of issuing violations against the owners of the violating basements, and leave things as they are.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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