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Domestic office owners criticise amended law – MoE plans to hire Kuwaitis as security guards

KUWAIT CITY, April 2, 2016: Owners of the domestic offices have criticized the amended law to establish a joint-stock company for recruiting domestic workers, saying the reformed law aims at generating benefits rather than reduce the misery of citizens, reports Al- Anba daily.

They added the domestic offices earn only 10 percent in returns irrespective of the high cost involved in recruiting domestic workers from overseas, stressing they bear the cost of air ticket, medical checkup and other expenses. They noted the proposed joint-stock company will earn over 10 percent in profit and increase burden on citizens, as the latter would take the ultimate cost.

They wondered why the concerned authority insists on establishing a joint-stock company for recruiting domestic workers, and at the same time, implement measures to privatize other companies established over 40 years ago to serve the same purpose.

Meanwhile, Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Bader Al-Essa said the Ministry intends to employ citizens to work as security guards in the schools and other educational buildings, reports Al-Jarida daily. A-Essa addressed the government to approve the project and also directed relevant authorities to open 4,000 security job avenues for Kuwaiti men and women.

He noted the proposed project will help create new job opportunities for citizens in general and retired employees who may like to work in this field. He pointed out that retirees will receive bonuses for their service, and it won’t affect their retirement salaries. He also pointed to around 1,000 educational buildings and explained that each building needs at least four security guards, indicating 4,000 security guards are required

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