Wednesday , September 19 2018

Doesnt meet salary cap – Sponsoring kids on dependent visa although wife is on dependent

I want to know about family visa rules my husband have 350 KD salary. I am in dependent visa. I am here for past 6 years but our kids are in India they are 4 years and 2 years. Soon I will apply for a job. Can we get family visa for children? If we are bringing them on visit visa can it be transferred to family visa. Thanks and regards

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Answer: We are sorry, your husband who is legally permitted to sponsor the children on dependent visa. Cannot do so because his salary is below the minimum salary of KD 450 required. Bringing the children on a visit visa will not change anything even if your husband were to meet the salary cap. Indeed, the window through which one could transfer a vist visa to family visa has been closed for sometime now except for infants two years and below.

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