Wednesday , April 25 2018

Documents needed to renew driving license

Dear Sir, I seek your advice concerning the requirements needed nowadays to renew driving licences. I am working for a private company since 1994 as an Accountant (Accounts Manager) with basic salary of KD 650.

This profession and salary are mentioned in my work permit. May I know what other documents I need to submit for the renewal of my licence besides the copies of work permit and civil ID? My present licence is expiring in July, 2017. Can I apply for its renewal one month in advance?

Name withheld

Answer: In addition you will need a stamp from your company with authorized signatory on the renewal form, you also need to submit one passport-size photo and the expired driving licence. When you have all these ready you visit the concerned General Traffic Department and submit them together with a filled service application form and pay the required fees due.

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