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Thursday , March 23 2023

Doctors having problem in verification of certificates

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I want to bring a very important issue to your kind notice. I am a General Physician from India, working since 2006 in a Private Clinic in Kuwait.

I got my MBBS degree way back in 1996. I have a long experience in Medical Practice in my home town — Kolkata, India and in Kuwait. I had to get my degree certificates adequately stamped and attested by Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in India (New Delhi) and in Kuwait Embassy (New Delhi). After reaching Kuwait, attestation was done by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kuwait and by Indian Embassy in Kuwait.

Since then I have been practising in Kuwait with proper Medical License. Sir, since last two years (approximately) I along with our entire expatriate doctors’ fraternity have been facing immense problem when we came to know that all our certificates would be verified for certain reason.

Initially we welcomed the decision as a good and logical one. I uploaded all my documents on the website of Ministry of Higher Education and paid verification fees online (K-Net). After that days and months went on till I came to know that I may have to travel to Kolkata for submitting verification fees for my documents. Therefore I had to travel to Kolkata in December 2016.

I reached Kolkata and submitted verification fee of Rs 7,000 at Calcutta University. After coming back to Kuwait I got information on Jan 31st that my documents have been verified and had been sent to Kuwait Embassy in India.

Sir, as far as I know that the rest of the procedure is — Kuwait Embassy would send the documents to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kuwait and thereafter it would be sent to Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait.

Meanwhile I came to know that all my academic records also needed to be verified. I had to travel again to India to get all my lower Education Certificates adequately stamped and attested by my School, my Secondary Board, Higher Secondary Education Council, Notary and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I did all these things and submitted to Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait. Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait issued me one certificate (NOC) which I uploaded in the Website of Ministry of Higher Education at the end of August 2017.

I managed to get an appointment in Ministry of Higher Education and from there I came to know that the process is still going on. I don’t know — how long it may take. I found it somewhat illogical to verify the Certificates of lower Education of a Doctor who has passed MBBS more than 20 years back and whose Degree Certificates has been verified thoroughly 12 years back.

Sir, even I got suitable and comprehensive guideline for what I had to do for the entire process of verification. As I said, I along with a large portion of Doctors fraternity is confused. How long have I to wait? Other than the option given in the website — who can I ask for the real status of verification. Sir, please help us to get relief from this tense, complicated, tedious and very long standing procedure.

Name withheld
Answer: Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do about this ‘tense, complicated and tedious procedure’ with regard to certificate authentication adopted by the authorities concerned to weed out the phenomenon of fake certificates in the system. Our only prayer is that somebody who is in position to make things easier for you and others who have to undergo this tough process, reads this piece and gives a sympathetic ear to it.

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