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Thursday , February 2 2023

Doctor, nurses held working in private clinic sans license

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Some on visit, some family visa holders

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 3 : Members of the Tripartite Committee, led by the Public Authority for Manpower, managed to arrest an unidentified European doctor who was working in a private clinic without obtaining a license, reports Al-Qabas daily. This is in addition to the arrest of runaway domestic workers caught working as experts in cosmetic and gynecological clinics, without obtaining legal licenses. The daily added, some private clinics deliberately employ those who enter the country on family visas because in most cases their visas are non-transferable and cannot obtain a work permit.

Tripartite committee arrests European doctor working without a license

The Al-Qabas daily said the inspection tour revealed private companies continue to commit violations, particularly in the field of medical professions because of the need of experienced people. Many such people enter the country on domestic visas and then abandon their sponsors. During the inspection, which was carried under the supervision of the PAM Director General, Dr. Mubarak Al-Jafour, and in the presence of a representative of the Licensing Department and the Drug Inspection Department at the Ministry of Health, a Greek doctor working as general surgeon was taken into custody. In the same context, the labor force inspection teams, led by Muhammad Al-Dhafiri, arrested 3 employees inside the clinics, who were holding family visas.

The daily added, such employees can escape with a warning but a repetition will result in their deportation and the file of the sponsor closed. The source pointed out that the instructions issued by PAM are crystal clear regarding violations in the labor market, especially for those who do not work for their sponsors or those who are on family visa. The source indicated the tripartite committee members are continuing to implement their various campaigns against violators. The most prominent violations of some clinics include, doctors working without licenses, domestic workers working as nurses and assistants, employees without residence permits or work permits, clinics that have not completed their licenses, illegal and expired drugs and violating advertisements on social media platforms.

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