Friday , February 22 2019

‘Do more for nation’s sake’

Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Ahmad Al-Sarraf

For the first time, I felt comfortable and give a lot of credibility to the statement which has been issued by the Interior Ministry.

Actually speaking we are not familiar with such kind of statements. I am talking about the statement issued by the Ministry concerning the illegal entry of Sheikh Khalifa Ali Al-Khalifa Al-Sabah into Kuwait.

The General Department for Public Relations and Media Security said the authorities at the Ministry of Interior on Nov 16, 2016 filed a lawsuit accusing Sheikh Khalifa Ali Al-Athbi of illegal entry into Kuwait.

The statement pointed out Al-Athbi arrived at the Kuwait International Airport and managed to enter the country in a fraudulent manner through the VIP lounge with the help of a bedoun who works as a sergeant at the Ministry of Defence.

The statement added, legal action has been taken against the sergeant for helping the accused to enter the country surreptitiously because he is wanted by law in Kuwait. The statement also said disciplinary action will be taken against the airport securitymen for failure to do their job.

Here we must recognize the high sense of transparency in the statement. But what is surprising here is if a person in the rank of a sergeant working for the Ministry of Defence can commit such a dangerous crime, what about the more senior officers in the Ministry of Interior? To what extent can they go?

The situation is already serious and requires immediate and radical solutions. It is clear, from the reality of this dangerous crime that hundreds of similar cases happen committed by the employees of the Ministry of Interior.

This reveals that the security authorities must do a lot more to protect the lives, money and properties of citizens. This is in addition to protecting our homeland.

And what we say here is that the issue is not about carrying out a reshuffle in the Ministry or punishing some offenders here and there. The problem is much larger, and requires direct intervention from the top of the pyramid in the Ministry of Interior. The top of the pyramid is now strong and we have put our trust in it. We are not sure if it will be changed in the near future, for some or other reason, or the incoming one will be as strong as the present one.

During the past five years. I have used the airports of more than sixty countries but I have never found the doors to the arrival gates at the airport are locked like our report. Many people have complained about this issue and I am fed up of complaining to different authorities because there has been no response.

The violations and the crimes committed by individuals at the Ministry of Interior do not only affect the entire security authority but the extent to which it defames the entire nation.

We hope the Minister of Interior will be patient enough and listen to our words. We are not more patriotic than him and we are not more careful about Kuwait then he is. We share the hopes and ambitions that can never be achieved before admitting the mistakes.


By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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