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Divorced mother wants to bring children to Kuwait

I am now living in Kuwait. My husband and I are divorced and I would like to bring my 2 children to Kuwait, ages 4 and 7. He has given me his consent. I am a teacher and my salary is KD 650 per month. Can I bring them in on a visitor’s visa and convert it to a residency permit? If so, how can I bring them into Kuwait to live with me and attend school?

Name withheld

Answer: You shouldn’t have any difficulty in getting your children to Kuwait and also sponsor them as your dependents. Although women are not allowed to sponsor their children as dependents, exceptions have been made in the law for widows and divorcees.

All you need is the divorce certificate, attested by the foreign ministry of your country, followed by attestation of the same by your embassy in Kuwait and the Kuwait Foreign Ministry in Shuwaikh.

Your salary is more than enough but the same should be mentioned on your work permit to make your case strong.

You should also have your own accommodation, with the rental contract preferably in your name.

All you need are the photocopies of the passports of your children, the divorce certificate, copies of the work permit, Civil ID, rental contract and the permission from your ex-husband (attested by the foreign ministry in your country, your embassy in Kuwait and the Kuwait Foreign Ministry in Shuwaikh).

Attach all these to an application and submit the same to the Immigration Department in your area. You should not have any difficulty in getting the dependent visas.

Please, however, don’t get them here on visit visas because you can’t convert these to dependent visas. This is not allowed, with the only exception being infants (children two years old and under).

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