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Saturday , August 24 2019

Divorce rates in hot countries are higher compared to others

Over 40 reasons cited
KUWAIT CITY, Sept 2: Professor of Psychology and Sociology at Kuwait University Dr Khader Al-Baroun indicated that divorce rates in hot countries are higher during the summer season compared to any other seasons because human beings are more nervous and most responsive to emotional effects during summer seasons, reports Al Nahar daily.

He explained that there are more than 40 reasons for divorce, and at least one of them certainly has a link to the heat of the summer. This also applies to the crime rate in the US where it reaches almost zero during snowfall but increases during summer season.

Dr Al-Baroun stressed the need for couples to plan for spending the summer and distribute responsibilities within themselves to avoid disturbing the stability. He said some women complain that their husbands become easily agitated or alarmed when the temperatures are high, warning about the problems that could occur after travel. He also called on women to understand the nature of their husbands’ work.

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