Sunday , February 17 2019

Distance Egypt and Arabs from the slave market

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE Arab world has no option but to manage its own affairs and unite in facing whatever is being planned against it behind the curtains of the chambers of settlements in major countries.

The United States of America (USA), in particular, has a new strategy – to abandon its allies in the region as a preliminary step to complete the selling deal with Russia.

On the other hand, the European Union is looking for a place in the whole settlement deal based on the Sykes-Picot legacy, in an attempt to play a role in this old heritage by opening its doors to the Muslim Brotherhood, hoping the latter becomes the liaison for accomplishing their objectives.

Meanwhile, the Arabs are overwhelmed by rupture, separation and belligerence, as if they are sharpening their knives to slaughter themselves. Civil wars are ripping apart Libya, Iraq, Syria and Somalia. Some countries are heading towards civil war due to the inability of Arabs to handle their own affairs and take decisive steps in this regard, or the countries are divided with the supporters of this group on one hand and its adversaries on the other hand. It is just like someone pouring fuel on himself and all he needs is a matchbox. This is happening due to the failure to reach a common ground.

Indeed, the declarations of the Arab summits throughout the past decades led to the allocation of a huge area for talks concerning solidarity, but throughout the time, it was just a slogan or decoration; while war was boiling up behind the curtains.  Everything is clear now so it has become easier to sort things out.

Here is Egypt, the strategic core of all Arabs. It is the largest country and the only country with the ability to give a spinal cord to any other Arab power in the region.

At some point, Egypt gave opportunity to the Muslim Brotherhood – a group known as the political ‘store’ for selling countries and marketing foreign interference, yet it almost sold the Egyptians to the US and Israel in order to solve the latter’s problem at the expense of Sinai Desert.

Egypt continues to engage in a fierce fight with the Muslim Brotherhood whose members are wearing more than one mask. If not for the help of the GCC countries, Egypt would have drowned in civil war and only Almighty Allah knows where it would have taken the entire Arab world.

Every situation that threatened the destiny of the Arab world could have been avoided through solidarity, not the statements issued in our summits. A good example of the much needed solidarity is the firm stand taken by the GCC representatives in the United Nations regarding the misleading UN report on blacklisting the Saudi-led coalition for allegedly violating the rights of children.

Today, the US, or rather, the fundamentalist force in the US is blackmailing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the 9/11 Law which, unfortunately, is supported by some Arab countries due to differences in opinion or temporary interests.

These countries have failed to realize that if the fundamentalist force in the US achieves its goal to strike major Arab countries – through civil war or by imposing sanctions or other means which are used to target Saudi Arabia, these countries will not be safe from everything that is happening.

The US Congress undermined the judiciary of its country through this law which was endorsed after the issuance of the verdict requiring Iran to compensate families of the 9/11 victims for its direct involvement in those crimes, let alone the fact that Saudi Arabia was exonerated from similar charges.

Therefore, if such a law is endorsed, it will be a warning bell for every Arab to realize the slyness of US politics which seemed to have started resorting to blackmail after facing bankruptcy and economic crises. This is why the US will attempt to get money from the Arab world before transferring its authority to Russia.

Will the Arab world remain gullible and continue to sharpen the knife that will be used to slaughter itself or will it take a historic stance to rescue itself and to stop utilizing this world in the international exploitation market?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times


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