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Disputed decision

It is like a folk song that commiserates the current condition. The Kuwaiti government has just announced the formation of its Cabinet one month after its resignation, as if it was challenging the Parliament.

The regional situation is amusing and sad at the same time, the enemy who was fighting the Arab coalition forces in Yemen for years and brought devastation after devastation gets killed after an interesting scenario, it is as if he was literally dancing on the heads of snakes.

Events continue to develop here and there, including the telephone conversations with the Middle East leaders through which Donald Trump informed about his announcement to recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of the Zionist occupying state.

The declaration was followed by the US intention to embark on relocation process of its embassy to Jerusalem, which is an unprecedented move which was never attempted by its predecessors.

The decision by the US to recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of the Zionist state is rejected and unacceptable, because the US made us accustomed to its role as a neutral mediator and not a conspirator.

Despite the fact that the US has decided to delay the decision to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem at least for now and also not within a period of less than two years, the bullet has left the gun of this strange decision, which I still don’t comprehend the importance or the motive which made Trump take such a controversial decision.

The US relations with its Arab allies are at its very best, despite having some disagreements here and there, but such disagreements do not qualify to affect the overall relations.

However, this unilateral decision has angered the sincere US allies and embarrassed them, and this is despite communications which were made prior to the US announcement, but as it seems, those communications were just ‘for your information’ and not for consultations and deliberation.

Irrespective of the US political influence and military might, it cannot do without its sincere allies in the main Arab world, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or Egypt or the United Arab Emirates or even Jordan, by taking a decision which will never solve the existing problem without consulting the key allies owing to the fact that, such decisions will not meet the objective.

I do not know how administration of a republic takes its decisions, and I also don’t know whether it will continue in this controversial manner in taking decisions.

Another interesting development of events is the visit of King Abdullah of Jordan to Turkey to meet his counterpart President Erdogan; a visit that contains a lot of interpretations one of which could spark much interesting developments in the near future.

Decision taken by Trump is smeared by arrogance. It was unacceptable in the past and it will continue to be unacceptable because of its partiality and it angers Muslims in particular, and not the Arabs alone, and the best way forward is to withdraw this controversial unwarranted unwelcomed strange decision.


By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi



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