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Tuesday , December 6 2022

Disagreement between Kuwaiti sponsor and Filipino partner – Staff in Limbo

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I am currently working here through an agency in the Philippines. I have been in Kuwait now for less than three months. Unfortunately, my agency in Philippines and my current boss have disagreement and wish to cancel their partnership. My boss is planning to send me back to Philippines. What if I found a new employer who will sponsor me a new working visa here in Kuwait? What are the necessary things to do to clear everything with my previous boss and get a new job here in Kuwait?

Name withheld

Answer: Your fate is invariably, in the hands of your boss here in Kuwait and to some extent, the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM). If you can prevail on your boss to rescind his decision to send you back to the Philippines but rather transfer your work permit to a new sponsor, you would have cleared the first hurdle to continue to work in Kuwait.

After this hurdle however you need to clear another one with PAM by convincing them on the need to transfer your work permit after only working in Kuwait for less than three months.

On your question concerning the necessary things you need to do to clear everything with your former boss in the Philippines, we are sorry to say that we cannot be of help in that regard since we don’t know the contractual obligations you had with him before you left the Philippines for Kuwait.

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