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Diplomacy of statements!

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
THE foreign policies of any country towards other countries — whether friendly or sisterly — are bound by important issues and protected by secret and announced treaties and agreements.

The relationship between two countries includes confidential issues that might be unknown to ordinary citizens for subjective reasons.

A couple of days ago, Minister of Justice Faleh Al-Azab visited the sisterly country Egypt where he issued some press statements which were denied by a number of Kuwaiti MPs. These MPs considered the statements offensive to Kuwait, in addition to accusations hurled at the minister.

Actually, those press releases are ‘model’ answers that deserve full marks according to any diplomatic institute. They are reasonable and relevant to the relaxed type of Kuwaiti foreign politics. These releases consisted of the most eloquent phrases aimed at strengthening ties and filtering the atmosphere, taking into consideration the troubled and critical conditions of the region at present.

Quite frankly, who will praise Egypt if we don’t? Forget about the economic crises and troubles that Egypt is experiencing now. Egypt, with its history and civilization, deserves much more than what the minister uttered. Egypt did favors for all. Its history is bright and it cannot be affected by the status quo or future occurrences. People’s memory is always vivid and it will stay vivid for eternity.

Who could deny that Egypt was the lighthouse of Science and scientists all over the Arab world? Egypt is the homeland of Abbas Mahmoud Al-Aqa, Taha Husain, Ahmed Shawqi, Mustafa Sadeq Al-Raf’ee, Najeeb Mahfouz, Ahmed Zuwail and Farouq Al-Baz. Although some of these men hold western citizenships, they are Egyptians.

Egypt provided Kuwait with teachers for free before the age of oil. The goodness of Egypt, which enlightened the entire Middle East, never deserves denial.

Despite the present political troubles and economic crisis, Egypt will remain no matter who likes or dislikes it.

Praising Egypt does not entail belittling Kuwait. On the contrary, such press releases reflect the goodness and virtue of Kuwaiti diplomacy. A policy bound by morals is always needed especially when blackmailing and evil power are extending their domination here and there.

We have to be aware that there are secrets behind politically locked doors. The statements of Al-Azab might be part of Kuwait’s plan to restore warm relations between Cairo and Riyadh. This point did not attract the attention of those who attacked the press releases of Al-Azab.

Even when Egypt is passing through the weakest period, Kuwait is keen on accepting its favor. This situation is a record for Kuwait and Minister of Justice Faleh Al-Azab.

By Yusuf Awad Al-Azmi

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