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Diploma in Computer Engineering, but on work permit “Systems Analyst” – Do i need to register in KSE?

I am a 3 years Polytechnic Diploma holder (Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering mentioned in the certificate) from India and presently working as ‘System Analyst’ (Muhalil Nudum) in my work permit.

I have been here since 15 years in same position and same company. To renew my work permit, should I need to register in Kuwait Society of Engineers for NOC? Or not required since I am a diploma holder and my job position is system analyst. Please clarify in your Legal Clinic.

Name withheld

Answer: We don’t think you need membership of Kuwait Society of Engineers or a no-objection certificate from the latter to renew your work permit since you are neither a degree holder or an engineer in the right sense of the word.

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