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Tuesday , January 31 2023

Dietary supplement prices ‘burn pockets’ of athletes

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Demand for nutritional supplements wide

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 3: The concept of nutritional supplements has recently differed from what was prevalent before, and the volume of consumption by an individual, whether men or women, differ as some individuals use these supplements on a daily basis, such as proteins, fat burners and keratin, especially with the significant spread and expansion of facilities, reports Al-Qabas daily. Sources working in the sector told the daily the consumption of these products by young people is not less than 80 dinars per month, or approximately 1,000 dinars annually, while up to 200 dinars for those interested in bodybuilding, or about 2.4 thousand dinars annually, while female consumption is focused on supplements, knowing that the demand for various nutritional supplements is seasonal, its peak is in the summer and decreases in the winter.

The General Manager of Health House, Muhammad Bukhamseen, confirmed that the demand for nutritional supplements at the present time has spread widely between both sexes, pointing out that among the reasons for the increase in demand is the large spread of health clubs in Kuwait. He added that 60-70% of people interested in nutritional supplements consider it seasonal and not as a sustainable lifestyle, noting that the most popular ages in Kuwait, which are concerned with their health, muscle building and fat burning, are 18-50 years old.

Regarding the monthly consumption of nutritional supplements by young people, Bukhamseen pointed out that the consumption by young people is not less than 80 dinars per month, and 30 dinars per month for young women as a minimum, indicating that the choice of the product is determined according to the flavor in the first place. Bukhamseen explained that the most important countries from which various types of nutritional supplements are imported are Eastern Europe, such as Poland and Hungary, in addition to Britain, the United States of America and Canada.

The sources working in the sector revealed that the highest selling nutritional supplement product is protein isolate because it is quickly absorbed and does not contain lactose, sugar, fats or carbohydrates, and keratin monohydrate comes in second place in sales, which is to get rid of excess water from the body and store it in muscle mass, and from then comes the BCA, which is a fat burner and helps increase burning, and finally comes the omega-3 vitamins.

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