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Device to address devil

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

WHEN I say ‘device to address the devil’, I mean the iPhone which can be considered an affliction that multi-billion American companies brought to us in recent decades.

We were so happy with the devices made in Finland such as NOKIA and the like. These devices connected us to the world and allowed us to keep in touch with our families, friends and businesses without controlling details of our life and deciding when we wake up and when we go to bed.

This expression, ‘device to address the devil,’ is not my own creation. I heard it while watching a film titled, “The Cell”, from the tongue of an old man. According to the film, the device turned all residents in an American city into monsters and clones of Dracula. These monsters followed anyone who did not carry the device and killed them.

Although the film is fictional, it depicts reality to a large extent. As an example, take a look at changes in our situation in Kuwait after those hellish devices spread in everybody’s hands including men, women, boys, girls, domestic workers, cleaners, securitymen and public sector employees.

You see those devices every time you enter a house. Everybody is busy with their devices – father, mother and children – regardless of their age. Upon leaving the house, you see the same devices in the hands of cleaners and shoppers in cooperative societies. Our streets have become an open yard full of such horrifying devices. You do not see a boy or a girl who is not holding a smart phone. I wonder how they drive their cars in an enormous traffic jam while their hands and eyes are on their phones.

The affliction becomes perfect whenever we see policemen and traffic officers in their patrol cars using their smart phones. They focus on their phones while the blue-red lights are blinking. Such behavior is strictly prohibited in advanced countries. A friend, who is living in France, told me that securitymen there are obligated to leave their mobile phones in their offices at police stations. They cannot take their phones during security tours – whether on foot or in patrol cars. Drivers are strictly prohibited from touching their phones while driving or even when they stop at traffic signals. Public sector employees are also prohibited from using mobile phones in their offices.

Last Sunday, I was so happy because a number of social media platforms were down for several hours. I wished this continues forever; but sadly, my wish did not come true. We have nothing much to say but pray to God to keep us away from the evils of the devil’s intercom.

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