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‘Deviates’ spell more chaos

Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Abu Ali Sina, quote says, ‘Muslims are plagued by those who believe that they know more than others, and think that God did not guide any people other than them’!

At the beginning of the Syrian revolution I wrote in favor of the demands of the revolutionaries and wished President Bashar Al-Assad would consider meeting their demands.

A majority of those brave men who criticized our positions today and who earlier lamented the victims of Aleppo, and lament today the victims of Idlib, will tomorrow lament other unknown and unarmed civilian victims, the Sunnis of Syria in particular, who neither know much about the revolution, nor are concerned about it or the demands of the revolutionaries.

Earlier I have written more than one article opposing the Syrian regime, exposing myself and my relatively large interests in Lebanon to danger. I was fully aware of the size of the risk in a country where the allies and the influence of Syria are significant, in a country I visit more than 20 times a year.

My view has changed but I sympathize with the Syrian people because the streets of the beautiful Syrian cities are infested with people who have deviated from their goals, occupied the antique historic areas and demolished a civilization — the oldest in the history of mankind — with the shovels of their ignorance.

This is not to mention women who are being enslaved and children murdered by the barbarians, who are brutal and savage in their behavior. They have torn apart the peace-loving beautiful minorities.

Such crimes are often committed by those who have deviated from their cause. These are the terrorists who came from Chechnya and Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Western Europe and from many Arab countries, who however, do not belong to Syria.

They have nothing in common with the peace-loving Syrians. They do not belong to the Syrian social fabric. Their motives are murder, arson, sabotage and plunder.

Most of these people know nothing about the cities and valleys of the Levant. They know nothing about the language and culture. They don’t have common ideology or a unified position.

It is surprising that the Syrians are fragmented and among them have people who owe loyalties to more than one country. They are often under the command of those who pay them.

Yes, we discovered we were wrong because we have now realized that all these people came to Syria in the name of defending Aleppo. This is the reason why we have been forced to abandon our earlier position, not due to sectarian tendencies that we do not belong to, or justifying or defending all atrocities committed by the Syrian regime and its allies Hezbollah, the Iranians and the Russians, but we prefer to choose the lesser evil.

Bashar Al-Assad remains first and foremost a Syrian citizen, and his presence did not represent one day a danger to me or to my homeland, and he remaining in power is better than those terrorists taking charge of the country because if Damascus falls in their hands, they will destroy what is little left of Syria, and their evil desires will hunger for more countries of the region.

Syrians, the Christians in particular have given a lot to humanity. What would the ‘deviate’ give to the nation if they rule Levant? Will they bring democracy, for example? Of course, not!

War, any war, is only a massacre taking place between fighters who do not know each other, but fight for the benefit of others who know each other well. The only difference is these beneficiaries do not kill each other.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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