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Monday , September 26 2022

Detained Kuwaitis involved in a brawl in Cyprus return home

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 8: Kuwaitis detained in Cyprus finally returned home yesterday, for more than two weeks they remained in custody for a fight they got involved in. They were welcomed upon arrival at Kuwait airport by a large crowd of people, led by officials reports Al Qabas

Immediately after arrival at entrance hall, shouts of joy were heard and also banners were raised expressing happiness and joy.

The young returnees thanked the people of Kuwait and authorities who brought them home safely, noting that this experience was very harsh.

Hani Dashti, the father of four of the detainees, praised the stance of the Kuwaiti people and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, noting the role of its Undersecretary Khaled Al-Jarallah and Uncle Fahad Abdul Rahman Al-Mojil, who is a supervisor with our children who have gone through difficult circumstances.

Dashti expressed his joy at the return of his children, noting that they were on a tourist trip and got into a fight, thank God, thanks to the dismay of all arrived at home, praising the efforts made by the Kuwaiti Embassy in Cyprus.

Dashti pointed out that there was no case against our children, and that they were held for seven days, after which their passports were withdrawn, and as a result of the slowdown in the proceedings, the case was delayed, after which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs intervened and succeeded in their release.

He pointed out that two of the youth went to Jordan to join the Faculty of Medicine, while returned to Kuwait eight of them. For his part, I thanked Dr. Najat Dashti (aunt of some of the detainees) Kuwaiti people, the media and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and everyone who sought to resolve the crisis of our children, indicating that the Kuwaitis at the heart of one man and were sympathetic to the detainees, which alleviated our pain and this is not strange for the Kuwaiti people.

Nasser Al-Hajji expressed his joy at the return of our children who were detained in Cyprus, thanking the Kuwaiti people, MPs and members of the Kuwaiti Embassy for constant communication with us and spreading the spirit of reassurance of their release, which eased the anxiety and tension that were in control of us.

Saud al-Kayan, a Saudi national who was among those held in Cyprus, described the prison situation as “beyond the imagination” and praise be to God, the crisis went well, praising the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the keen follow-up of Kuwaitis and Saudis, thanking the political leadership and the Foreign Ministry for this great interest. The entity stated that he is an employee and his salary has stopped since his absence