Wednesday , September 19 2018

Deportation for man found using hashish

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 5: The Criminal Circuit of the Court of First Instance sentenced an individual to four-year imprisonment with hard labor followed by deportation, ordered him to pay a fine of KD 2,000 fine. He was accused of possessing and consuming hashish, and driving under the influence of intoxicants.

The second defendant, who was the driver of the vehicle, was acquitted of the charges. According to the case file, a police team was on a regular patrol duty in the area when they noticed a vehicle with two occupants being driven erratically.

Immediately the officers asked the driver to pull over in order to issue a citation. However, they discovered the suspects were under influence of intoxicants.

They were taken to a police station where the second suspect denied allegations against him.Counsel to the second defendant Lawyer Bashar Al-Nasser said the procedures leading to search and arrest of his client were null and void.

He said whatever is built on falsehood is false, affirming that the Constitution guarantees human liberty which cannot be curtailed without a proper warrant, the condition that the officers fell short of meeting. Lawyer Al-Nasser insisted that his client did not do anything to warrant a security check, even though he could be issued a citation for traffic violation without going beyond that level.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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