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Wednesday , December 1 2021

Deportation for expat violating ‘ Environment ’ law – ‘No polluting public places’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 3: The environmental police, in collaboration with other relevant authorities, strictly applies ministerial decision No. 1129 on anybody who violates the Environment Protection Law, says Ministry of Interior Undersecretary Lieutenant General Sulaiman Fahad Al-Fahad. In a recent press statement, Al-Fahad affirmed that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid is keen on protecting the environment.

He said the minister fully supports the idea of activating all relevant laws on the environment in order to prevent violations, stressing the minister is satisfied with security procedures in this regard. He reiterated the concerned officers have been taking decisive steps against those proven to have violated the law, disclosing that any expatriate who violates the law will be deported immediately while the citizens will face prosecution.

He warned the public against cutting or uprooting plants, seasonal flowers and grasses in public gardens. He said people should not sell or throw vegetables and fruits unfit for human consumption in public places, while smoking is restricted to designated areas only to avoid polluting the environment or harming the health of others. He urged the people to contact the concerned department through emergency number 112 to report such incidents.

He added the environmental police will not hesitate in publishing names and pictures of those who violated the law – both citizens and expatriates, along with all procedures taken against them to serve as deterrent to others. He confirmed the environmental police will continue conducting campaigns alongside other relevant authorities, while handling all complaints with utmost seriousness and promptness.

He explained the law on protecting the environment consists of 181 items, reflecting the significance of preserving natural land, marine and air environment. He said the people should not engage in activities which pollute the air, degrade nature, damage plants or anything detrimental to public hygiene.

He revealed the penalties vary from prison terms and fines or both depending on decision of the court. He added the Public Relations and Security Information Department has prepared a plan in line with the ministry’s action program for 2015/2018. He clarified the plan includes information dissemination and guidelines through various print and audiovisual media outf

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