Sunday , October 21 2018

Deportation for 3 illegal Ethiopian women

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 29: Hawalli securitymen apprehended three Ethiopian women for violating residency law. All three suspects reportedly worked at a beauty salon and were without visa for three years. A security source said the suspects tried to run away upon sighting the patrolmen and when requested to show their identification documents, they couldn’t produce any. Fingerprint analysis indicated they’d violated residency law. They confessed working in a beauty salon in the area before the officers referred them to deportation.

Son flees police: A Kuwaiti citizen and his wife assisted their fugitive son to run away while securitymen were looking for him in Jahra Hospital. The couple is alleged to have assaulted the officers and taken snapshots of the incident. A security source said Jahra securitymen were notified that a person wanted by law was visiting Jahra Hospital and three officers went to the scene to arrest him. However, parents of the suspect assaulted the officers and took snapshots, and facilitated their son’s escape. The officers later went to Al-Naeem police station and lodged a complaint. A case was registered.

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