Wednesday , September 19 2018

Dependent Visa for unmarried daughter age limit

I appreciate your response to our queries. I have a question regarding my residence renewal. How many days do I need to complete my renewal process? Since I have to go to my country immediately after I stamp my residence. Also we want to apply for dependent visa for our daughter who is above 21 years. I read some news online that mentioned we can get dependent visa for daughters who are unmarried.

Name withheld

Answer: If all your documents and request for renewal are ready and presented by your mandoub (company representative), it takes just some hours and not even a day for the renewal process to be completed. As regard a dependent visa for your daughter who is above 21, this is possible in so far as she in not married and has not reached 24 years of age. When she attains age 24 you have to transfer dependent visa to a work visa or failing that leave Kuwait.


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