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Dependent visa sponsoring wife and kids

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In my Izniamal my salary is mentioned below KD 450 but in my bank statement I get more. In 2013 my wife and kids were with me and they were on dependent visa but later we decided to cancel their visa. Now I want to get my wife and children in Kuwait on dependent visa but my salary in Izniamal is below KD 450. But I am getting more than that (salary + incentive + commission i.e. KD 600 If my wife gets a job in Kuwait (work visa) and we both are working can I sponsor my children who were born in Kuwait but their residence was cancelled as they travelled to India.

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Answer: To be able to sponsor your wife and children on dependent visa you should earn a monthly salary of KD 450 — this amount should be reflected in your work permit (Izniamal). Regardless of how much goes into your bank account if it doesn’t reflect in your work permit, it is of no use vis-a-vis dependent visa sponsorship. Coupling your salary with that of your wife on visa 18 to get the magic figure of KD 450 to be able to sponsor your children is also out of the equation as the practice which in years past was allowed has since been discontinued.

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