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Demise of a ‘legendary’ fundamentalist terrorist

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

ONE of the senior fundamentalist extremists, who tempted Kuwait through political naturalization, commiserated the death of a senior symbol of terrorism in the world Omar Abdulrahman.

Abdulrahman, who spent almost a quarter of a century in the jails of the United States of America for his participation in instigation and implementation of terrorist operations, was deeply involved in terrorism and its propagation against leaders and governments.

In the sixties, he incited people against the Egyptian President Jamal Abdul Nasser at that time, who jailed him but he was later released by Nasser’s successor the late Anwar Sadat.

Instead of standing on the side of the one who released him from the jail, Abdulrahman proceeded to incite people against Sadat as well until Sadat was assassinated by those who believed in Abdulrahman’s ideology. This assassination took place in what is commonly remembered as “The Dais Assassination”.

Abdulrahman embraced the literature of the Muslim Brotherhood Group by reading books authored by the founder of the group Hassan Banna as well as those of Sayyed Al-Qutub, one of the icons of Muslim Brotherhood Group.

From there, his ideology of destruction and murder of the innocent became solidified, leading him to escape to Pakistan. He then fled to Afghanistan where he met other symbols of terrorism such as Bin Laden, Al-Zawahri, and others of their kind. He then went on to establish the infamous Taleban and al-Qaeda movements.

Soon after, he received permanent residency in the US through the Green Card program. However, instead of thanking those who were kind to him, he ended up biting their fingers, reflecting a characteristic of ungratefulness that is common among extremist fundamentalists.

Abdulrahman went on to conspire with some foolish people to bomb the World Trade Center in New York, killing scores of people and injuring tens of thousands. He had also intended to bomb the United Nations’ building, but he was arrested.

However, jailing him did not stop him from spreading his poisonous ideology that feeds the demeanor of extremists (al-Qaeda) who adopt similar sinful extremist ideas, which led to the infamous 9/11 incident that changed the face of history in America as well as that of the region and Islam.

All these actions of the past and present are based on the destructive ideology of this renegade from Islam and others of his kind.

Last week, Abdulrahman passed away in the US prison and his body was flown to Egypt to be buried in his motherland.

We thank Almighty Allah that Egypt is under the rule of Abdul Fattah el-Sisi. Had it been under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood Group, we would have seen members of that group and the Salafi movement converging to pay their last respects to this individual, whose evil the world has been spared from, in order for him to meet his Creator.

We wish and hope that his kind of people will not hurt our feelings and the feelings of the modern world by commiserating this celebrity of violence, murder and destruction. If they want to plead mercy for him, they should do it among themselves.

By Ali Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil



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