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Delhi gang-rape attacker to walk free on Sunday

NEW DELHI: An attacker in the deadly gang-rape of a student in New Delhi will be freed this weekend, a court said Friday, days after India marked the third anniversary of the assault that sparked global outrage. Jyoti Singh, who was 23, died after being brutally assaulted on a moving bus in New Delhi in December 2012, triggering angry protests over India’s treatment of women.

The Delhi High Court said it was unable to halt the release of the attacker, who was 17 at the time of the rape, because he had served the maximum three years in a juvenile detention facility. “This is a setback for the entire country. The court said that as per current legislation, he cannot be remanded for more than three years,” Anil Soni, one of the lawyers in the case, told reporters. “The terror that we had faced a few years back will be back on the 20th of December on our streets,” he added, referring to the release date.

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