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Saturday , November 23 2019

Degree holder seeking to transfer before one year completion

Good day! I am 26 years old Filipino citizen, working in Kuwait as server/cashier for 1 year and 10 months. Under Kuwait Labour Law, is there any possibility that I can get released by my company and transfer to another company since I am a degree holder? I have a business management major in marketing management for 4 years in Philippines?

Name withheld

Answer: Having served less than three years, and we are assuming that the company you are working for now brought you on their sponsorship to Kuwait, you are not qualified to ask for a release to join another company, regardless of the university degree you hold. The only way open for you to get a release is if the current sponsor, on his own accord, decides to grant you one. Otherwise you have to work three years for him before you can ask for a release and having done one year 10 months already you need to put in additional one year two months before you can qualify for a release.

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