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Defenseless left to be massacred – Dead suffer no pain

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

IT IS not possible for the regime in Syria to continue doing what it has been doing, and perhaps, what it will do, unless it makes plans with the major countries and obtain their permission.

It was said that Russia withdrew from Syria, but in reality, its forces continue their operations there relentlessly.

It was also said that the United States of America did not let go of the people of Syria, but here it is with its leaders enjoying the killing of ‘Islamist terrorists’ in Aleppo.

It was said that the Arab countries and people with loud voices will move to protect them, but all they have done so far, are mere condemnation and disapproval of the ongoing suffering.

It was said, many times, but we have had enough of “it was said…”, even the charitable organization which will help the people of Aleppo might be considered terrorists by international forces, so they might build a new Guantanamo prison for them.

The same incident happened in Homs and other Syrian areas, where the only movements made by the Arab countries were to condemn and utter threats through the pages of newspapers and the social communication media websites.  This means that in Aleppo, nothing more is expected to happen, because “whoever depends on the Arabs will always live in illusions”.

Assad’s regime is there to stay regardless of the situation, and it is the outcome of our failure to rescue our families in Syria by leaving them defenseless in facing the tool of death – the tool which kills everything.

Nonetheless, responsibility for the ongoing bloodshed in Syria is not on the regime alone, but even those who fueled and instigated what we have been witnessing and continue to witness in terms of tyranny and murdering of innocent civilians.

We, the children of today, are absolutely unable to confront the military but, at least, we should start by taking political initiatives to save whatever remained of the hope regarding Syria, given that what is happening there is completely absurd and inconceivable.

History will have no mercy on us, for we have left defenseless people to face their destiny in the hands of the murderers and the evil ones.  We should, at the very least, come with a political solution which will lead to ceasefire, similar to what happened in Damascus and Latakia.

History will record details of the disgrace and laxity which Arabs are currently experiencing.  It will be a tough record to live with and we shouldn’t expect mercy to be bestowed on us.

In the same way that history wrote about kings and castes, it will write letters about us using the ink of innocent blood.

Abu Al-Tayyib Al-Mutanabi – an Arab poet – was right when he said, “Whoever belittles disgrace becomes accustomed to it, just like how injuring a dead body causes no pain to it”.


By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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