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‘Decisions taken by health minister unstudied, no specialists consulted’

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 18: The Secretary- General of the Kuwait Pharmaceutical Society, Pharmacist Ali Hadi, affirmed that “the Society does not accept the prejudice done to the rights of pharmacists and their due gains,” noting that the Minister of Health, Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed, repealed Resolution 230/2010 regarding permitting the licensing of Kuwaiti pharmacists who obtained a license to practice the profession of pharmacy in the sector, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Minister of Health Dr. Khaled Al- Saeed

Al-Hadi said the decision, “contradicts the government’s tendency to encourage national energies to work in the private sector, and exposes 70 Kuwaiti pharmacists to losing their jobs in the private sector,” noting that “the judiciary will be resorted to, to stop these unfair decisions which harms the rights of pharmacists. Hadi said yesterday, “Stopping the consideration of requests to grant licenses to new pharmacies in the private sector, and requesting a license to practice the profession of pharmacy, harms the pharmaceutical sector in the private sector,” noting that “it is more appropriate for the Ministry of Health to discuss with specialists, to find solutions that restore the balance for the pharmaceutical sector.

He stressed that “the recent decisions of the Ministry of Health are ill-considered, and are issued without consulting the specialists, and in light of the continuation of this approach, we will be on the verge of a severe shortage in the provision of medicines, and a shortage of specialized labor in the pharmaceutical sector.”

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