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‘Decision on ‘60s’ issue remains unfair, unstudied, questionable’

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“THE mountain was in labor and gave birth to a mouse. The mountain should have known this birth — related to renewal of residence permits of expatriates who have reached the age of 60 and above — is a violation of laws and inhuman decision. It is a decision that contradicts the humanitarian nature of the Kuwaiti state and its people who are always known for giving and to be kind, embrace the policy of openness, freedom of work and freedom of trade,” columnist Hassan Ali Karam wrote for Al-Seyassah daily.

Hassan Ali Karam

“All of this should have been taken into consideration by any leading official, whether he is a minister, an undersecretary, the head of an authority or otherwise before issuing the infamous decision. The official, for that matter any official, no matter how high or modest his position, is bound by the laws, and is questionable and becomes unfit when what he does is questionable and it is better for him to leave or be removed from his job (isn’t it?).

“Frankly speaking, we are in the midst of administrative and functional chaos. There are no administrative traditions that all state employees are supposed to abide by, starting with the minister and ending with the guard in the ministry. It is chaos in the strict sense of the word when an official gives priority to his whims and moods. In this type of functional justice people lose their rights.

“We are dealing with a case that could not have existed, had it not been for the arrogance of an official who sees in himself no similarity. He feels he is the law where even the most senior official dare not question him, that is to say he is all in all, therefore he issued an unjust decree, abused his power, suppressed people who have neither power nor influence or the power of mediation other than praying to God for relief and mercy.

“The stakeholders, who were shocked by illegal, unconstitutional, inhuman decision, and the absurdity and flagrant violation of customs, should have taken action. Those concerned should have corrected what was corrupted by an arrogant official who saw himself as the uncrowned emperor.

“Nevertheless, what is gone is gone and the fair people appeared and put things back in order, and things were supposed to end at this, but the bad became worse and the mean remained mean even those on whom we lavished praises.

“The repercussions of the decision could have ended after the Fatwa and Legislation Department of the Council of Ministers challenged the decision saying it is as if it had not been issued but ‘forces’ entered from the back door, and issued farcical decrees, but this time in the presence of the concerned minister in order to give legality to the issue in blatant violation of the laws and customs.

“Here we ask: Why were decisions imposed on the elderly residents other than the young, because after all a resident is a resident, there is no red and green resident, so what applies to the young should apply to the elderly.

“I do not think that when they proposed the residence fee of 500 dinars, they took into account that this resident has family responsibilities and has to bear the burden of the cost of living, and that some or most of them are daily wage workers.

“The error will remain a mistake until it is corrected, and the decision of the ‘60s’ still suffers from the defects of this error, and correcting it is the logical, moral and legal course. We say: ‘Take into consideration those who suffer from the pain of alienation, the hardship of living and their old age.

“In less than a month, two elderly people left our world from the Souk al- Mubarakiya – one was selling rosary beads Abu Ali al-Baghdadi, and the second owned a shop selling dates, an Iranian Abu Raed, who was called by his colleagues in the market mayor of Souk al-Mubarakiya. It seems all of them are departing, not to their countries but to a last resting place where no residence fees or deduction from their salaries are made.”

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