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Death of an Indian food delivery man not a murder

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KUWAIT CITY, July 17: A Forensic report issued by the Criminal Evidences Department says the death of an Indian delivery man was due to natural causes and not murder as was believed to be earlier, reports Al-Rai daily. A Kuwaiti, the son of the owner of the house, whom the worker went to deliver in the parcel in Abu Futaira, was accused of killing the man but the Forensic report showed the man died of heart failure.

However, he fell to the ground after he was allegedly hit on the head with a hard object, but the blow to the head was not the cause of death. A security source said the victim had abrasions on the chest and this was caused when the suspect dragged him into the yard of the house, trying to revive him, and when the suspect felt the man was not moving, he fled fearing his arrest by the detectives. The Prosecution on the strength of the report is said to have released the suspect of the murder charge, but continues to be detained because he is wanted by law in several other cases.

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