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Sunday , December 5 2021

‘Death is a reality ignored by many’

MY memory fails me, for there are periods that time wiped out that the greatest psychologists cannot recover even if it was Solomon the Wise, let alone our friend ‘Solomon the Other’, the unwise.

However, by reviewing what still remains in my memory, I can imagine how my entire life has been, until now, like a trip on a luxurious yacht once, and on a jalboot dhow in the pearling days with pierced ends several times, and like eating caviar in one place, and eating dry bread in other places. Like sleeping on a plush mattress in a luxury hotel or on the sand of a beach on a humid summer night!

We grew old with everything around, humans, stones, sheep and trees. The beautiful neighborhood girl grew up with us.

We got old as everything else, and our experiences increased and accumulated, and our emotions remained those of young teenagers, looking for pleasure and love wherever it was.

Our knowledge increased by devouring thousands of books, digesting millions of news reports, and knowing hundreds of rules and advices, but this disabled our minds to use what we know.

We got old and we were no longer able to find new friends or even people who love us and we loved them after we became satisfied with what we have and what is around us.

We got old and do not care about shaving daily as we used to for six or seven decades. Now we wear whatever we find in the morning, without much concern for the coordinating colors of the shirt with trousers, and socks with shoes. As for the rest of the hairs on the head, I forgot the name and shape of the comb brush and its usefulness.

We got old and became indifferent to the stupidity of others, and we stopped making any effort to draw the attention of some to a wrong behavior but we often just look at them and remain silent.

We know that the unknown is inevitably coming, but we ignore it, for we have no choice but to continue chasing the pleasures and the joy of life, otherwise it means surrendering to despair so that we fear death, and waste the rest of our time on this planet with constant anxiety.

Colleague Suad Al-Moajel says: We all fear death, albeit to varying degrees. The believer fears and the atheist fears, and the fear of the educated is not different from the fear of the ignorant, but with the awareness of the inevitability of death, some are rejecting and seeking, across human civilizations to attempt to combine the inevitability of annihilation, and the possibility of continuing in another world with a different body.

Here, comes the idea of reincarnation and immortality, and that the soul is reborn and that it does not perish with the biological death of the body.

We get old with loud noises at times and often surprisingly quiet and it is inevitable to admit and convince ourselves that death is coming, but on the other hand the best way to postpone its arrival is to forget it as if we will live forever.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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