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Wednesday , March 27 2019

Dear Zarif, you can’t liberate Al-Quds with pistachios and caviar

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

MOHAMMAD JAWAD ZARIF was not funny in his lectures about the chastity of revolution and his attempt to cover up the scandals which the government of his country has been perpetrating in conjunction with Israel since 1979.

This is because since the ‘Iran gate’ scandal, all the slogans of that regime have fallen so it is now stripped naked politically as regards to trading in the Palestinian cause.

The Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs should have refuted thousands of documents proving direct communications and interactions between Iran and the ‘Big Devil’ before beating the drum of incitement.

He should also deny the ammunition deals and information about satellite pictures and data provided to her by Israel, in which the Mullah regime was characterized as the ‘Small Devil’ during the Iranian- Iraqi war. He should explain to the relatives of those killed when they raised slogans due to the pistachio, caviar and other goods that revolutionary Iran shares with Israel. Since 1979, Iran announced recruitment of legions to liberate Al-Quds.

However, we have not seen any fire shot at Israel throughout those years. We only see her sucking the Iraqi, Syrian, Lebanese and Yemeni blood. She plants terrorist cells for destruction and espionage in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Her activities are not different from that of DAESH and other terrorist groups, except Tharif and his leaders want us to believe that the road to Al-Quds passes through Baghdad, Damascus, Sana’a, Cairo, Tripoli, Riyadh and Manama.

What did Iran offer to Palestine except the redundant loud voices for which the innocent people of Palestine are paying the price? This is exactly the condition in Gaza; where people are suffering under the yoke of political blackmail practiced by the Palestine branch of Muslim Brotherhood which, from time to time, is pushed by Iran to pelt Israel with a handful of rockets. Subsequently, the mercenary (Hamas) starts to cry out in front of the doors of Arab countries that bear the cost of reconstruction as a result of the devastating actions of Hamas.

The plump minister shall not be able to cover his regime’s failure with deceiving statements concerning what he calls ‘Saudi- Zionist cooperation’.

These lies will not hide the series of internal crises which are blowing away, as the Iranian people no longer believe such lies especially when they witnessed the enormous losses of their regime in Iraq and Syria. Zarif is like that foolish person who is blowing the mountain in a bid to collapse it, while the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is like a steady mountain.

Saudi Arabia is strong considering its history of supporting Palestine. It offers every possible support to help end the suffering of Palestinians, starting with its positions during the wars of Arabs with Israel; especially the war on Oct 6, 1973.

This includes the initiative of the late King Fahd and that of the late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz which was adopted by the Arab League. On the other hand, in the last 73 years, Iran kept on adding fuel of sedition to the fire which has been tearing the Arab world; implementing the idea that David Ben-Gurion announced in 1963.

The personal visit to Tel Aviv, according to his own responsibility, does not mean the entire Saudi leadership went there. The communications and meetings held by Iranian officials in many capitals of the world with the Israelis are really suspicious. Thus, Zarif must be ashamed a little bit, but it is said that if you do not feel shy, you dare to do anything.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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